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ALL THE DRAMA the novel is a heartfelt story as told by a 16 year old African-American teenager, Whitney Charles.  She lives her life in an inner-city neighborhood with her great grandmother, mom, sister, cousin and brother.  The story begins 3 years earlier when Whitney discovers that her father is dying.  Readers are pulled into her sadness, pain, confusion and fear.  As Whitney and her family learn to accept and adapt to their father’s passing, they find inner-strength and hope together. 


The story unfolds as a new family, the McCarthy’s, move in next door and Whitney senses the same anger and confusion in the oldest daughter Amanda.  Whitney’s new found strength helps to guide Amanda past all the drama in both her new and former upscale neighborhood.  Whitney shows Amanda how to rise above the haters, liars and deceivers, looking instead to the important things in life: love, community, compassion and family.


Go to the store to learn more about how you can place your order for ALL THAT DRAMA the novel.  Release date: Fall 2014

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