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Over the past 4 decades Bruce has evolved from musician to music industry executive, living and working in Seattle, LA, San Diego, Portland, Minneapolis and Charlotte.  With roots deeply planted in the fertile music grounds of Seattle, Bruce attended Roosevelt High and the University of Washington while playing in bands through the 70’s.


In 1979 Bruce, Beth and their three children moved to Minneapolis where he became a booking agent, artist manager and president of Heather Productions.  In 1981 Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus Restaurants hired Bruce to manage entertainment for over 60 of their west coast night clubs.  Then in 1987 he became director of entertainment for a chain of 600+ west coast restaurants and night club called Far West Entertainment.  It was during this time that Bruce honed his craft of discovering, developing and managing performing and recording artists, finding new and creative ways to maximize their talents.


In 1990 Sight & Sound Entertainment, the country’s leading music video provider for business, brought Bruce back to Seattle as VP of Programming, Operations and Customer Service.  In 1995, Muzak hired him to head their music video division, beginning a 17 year stint as VP over various divisions of the company while living in Seattle, Portland and eventually Charlotte.


At Muzak, Bruce lead a team of gifted musicians, recording artists and engineers, writing and producing music for nearly 100 clients, including McDonalds, St. Jude Hospital, Sears, Texas Roadhouse, Lowes and Burger King.  He also helped to create and eventually head Muzak’s Heart & Soul Foundation, supporting music education for underprivileged children across the country.  These two areas of focus fueled his passion of connecting our youth with music and watching magic happen.   


Bruce’s gift of music is shared by his celebrated family of industry personalities, including brother Matt (award winning music director at LA middle school), Duff (founding member, Guns n’ Roses) and son’s Bryan (acclaimed bassist) and Kyle (composer and producer). 


“Taking the time over the last year to focus with Kimberly on the creation of ALL THAT DRAMA has been the highlight of my musical career.  Working with young artists and fresh new concepts that offer hope for our kids makes the time and hard work worth every second.”

Bruce McKagan – Co-creator

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