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This is where it all began.  A book of 30 poems, written by author Kimberly P. Johnson, that provides the foundation and inspiration for this entire collection of works.  ALL THAT DRAMA the book of poems covers real world issues that teens and pre-teens find themselves dealing with almost daily.  Every verse offers insight into ways to avoid, rise above or simply cope with the drama that comes with this age.


With poem titles like Cycle of Lies, Nothing to Hide, It’s Hard Being a Teenager, His Demands, What Haters Do and In My Own Skin, you can see the depth of real world topics covered in Kimberly’s book of verse.


Kimberly’s poems also inspire girls to be the best they can be: This Is Your Time, Complete, It’s OK to Be Smart, Girl’s Club, Graduation Plans, Fly High, Learning is Life and Best of the Best.


We recommend that you begin where the collection all started. 

ALL THAT DRAMA the book of poems.


Go to the store to learn more about how you can get your hands and eyes on ALL THAT DRAMA the book of poems.

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