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The Music:  In ALL THAT DRAMA the musical, music is the primary vehicle used to communicate the struggles, conflict, emotions and message of this heartfelt story.  Every note, phrase, voice, harmony, instrument, beat and rhythm plays an important role in creating the emotional response envisioned in each of the 11 scenes in this 2 Act musical.


In order to gain and retain the attention of today’s teenagers, you must be relevant, real, entertaining, current, clever, unpredictable and hi-paced. 


ALL THAT DRAMA gives teenagers what they want; contemporary music with memorable hooks, melodic refrains, mesmerizing rhythms, and catchy phrases, all in the context of an engaging story with dynamic characters.


The Texting: ALL THAT DRAMA also incorporates texting throughout the musical.  What teenager goes without a daily dose of acronym speak with their friends?  Texting, projected on a big screen, delivers considerable drama and color to the story line.


The Message:  The message that resonates throughout this story is one of hope and belief that every person has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.  The producers kept true to the following principles throughout the story:  love, compassion, belief in self, community and hope.


The Educational Value:  As an educator, author Kimberly P. Johnson prescribes to the philosophy that every event, story and exchange is an opportunity to teach.  ALL THAT DRAMA is crafted to present hundreds of lessons in self-belief, community, values and hope.   


The Audience:  Even though the story is from a teenage girl’s perspective, the story line, music, dancing and dialogue have been produced to captivate family members of all ages; from pre-teens to grandparents.


The Approach: The producers have incorporated the following:

  • Real world situations

  • Real world teenage issues

  • Clever lyrics, dialogue and texting that speak the language of teenagers

  • Contemporary music, mostly upbeat and high energy

  • Music similar to what teenagers hear on the radio

  • Varied music styles; R&B, rap, pop, dance, rock, ballads, gospel, country and acoustic.

  • Ebb and flow of emotions from scene to scene

  • Moments that will inspire

  • High performance dance choreography in select scenes

  • 80% music lyrics, 20% dialogue

  • Backing (instruments only) tracks for vocalist to sing to

  • Lots of interaction between characters

  • Select music tracks produced to allow virtuoso musicians to be featured

  • Incorporate many performance elements used in concert productions

  • Creatively crafted sets; simple designed, minimalist approach

  • Current day school apparel as costumes

  • No swearing or cursing

  • 2 hour performance (not including intermission)

  • Approximately 30 performers; actors, vocalists, musicians and dancers

  • Even though there are middle-school, high school and adult characters in this musical, it can be performed entirely by high school students

  • Several cameo roles, which can feature community or industry celebrities

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