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Joe and I decided to take a different approach to this song.  We solicited Quentin Bethea, an amazing song writer, musician and singer, to join Joe and me to collectively write an R&B song.  In about three hours Joe and Quentin cooked up the main ingredients to a song.  They sent me home with the melody to write lyrics for the next day’s vocal session.  Usually I give myself a few weeks to come up with and refine lyrics.  This assignment pushed me into a whole new world. 


I landed on the hook line “This Is Your Time” that night.  Earlier in the week Kimberly had talked with me about an idea for one of our songs.  She wanted to make students aware that their high school years would be a time to remember, so they should do things they’ll be proud of.  I embellished on that concept.  The following morning I had the lyrics.  The guys liked what I they heard, so Quentin laid down the vocals and the recording was done by noon... almost.


After living with the song a few days, Joe and I agreed that THIS IS YOUR TIME needed a few verses of rap.  We called on Jagger Gestson, aka Overflow, once again to add his magic.  Now we had our song… and it quickly became one of our favorites.


In focus groups that Kimberly and I ran through the summer, teens told us they liked all kinds of music.  Pop, R&B, Country, Gospel, Rap, Rock, Musicals… they all got lots of votes.  Joe and I were very happy with the collection of various sounds and genres we had created for the album.   We challenged each other daily to make sure that each had its own feel and unique connection with our teenage audience.  “This Is Your Time” was no exception. 



as told by composer Bruce McKagan

Quentin Bethea (pictured),

Featuring Overflow (RAP)

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