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This is a pre-teen song written from a poem by the same name; SISTERS.  It was the first time I tried to take stanzas directly from one of Kimberly’s poems and apply them to the lyrics of a song.  I got pretty close… if you call 50/50 close.   


A few years back, Tommy DeCarlo, a dear friend of mine (in case you don’t follow legendary classic rock bands, the new lead singer of Boston) and I had worked on a Christmas song he’d written for a young girl to sing.   I had a grade school neighbor with a marvelous voice who loved the stage.  I recommend that Molly Brackett sing Tommy’s song both in the studio and live at a holiday event.  She was a star in the making.  Tommy loved her, so she got the gig. 


When writing SISTERS, Molly came to my house several times to help me with the melodies.  I wanted to make sure it was a song well suited for a 10 year old girl, and she was that girl.  The older sister’s voice on the song was recorded by a college student and artist from Ashville, Carly Taich.   Joe and I had worked with Carly on a few client projects, so we knew she’d be a perfect fit as big sister.


It is a wonderful accounting of sisters simply being sisters, which takes us back to the message in Kimberly’s heart-felt poem.


as told by composer Bruce McKagan



Carly Taich

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