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From the very beginning Kimberly and I knew that we needed at least one rap song on the album.  Kids love it, even though most of the lyrical content in rap has a very negative impact on our youth.  We wanted to change that.  How about writing a rap song with a positive message?


OK, let’s get serious.  I’m a 62 year old white dude who grew up playing rock and roll.  Not so sure I had the chops to write a rap tune.  No worries… I couldn’t and didn’t.  Kimberly could only giggle at the notion.


Instead I went to a dear friend, music confidant and rap artist Jagger Gestson, aka Overflow.  Kimberly’s ALL THAT DRAMA poem Hip Hop Generation was the inspiration for Jagger as he wrote and produced Hip Hop Music.  Producer Joe Carter and I sat back and admired the display of talent and creativity as the song unfolded through emails.  Jagger’s partner Mario was the vocalist and Jagger emceed on the recording.  Way too cool for this veteran rocker to even comprehend.



as told by co-creator Bruce McKagan

Overflow (RAP), Featuring Marioso

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