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I had been working on a song for several weeks for middle school girls to sing.  It was derived from a Kimberly poem by the same title: Girl’s Club.  I was well on my way to completing this cute little song, but just didn’t feel the rhythm was right.  Kimberly had mentioned that we should try to include a reggae song somewhere on the album, so I presented the idea to our producer, Joe Carter.  He loved the concept, took it and ran. 

Scarlett Gilmore, a Rock Hill middle-schooler, had worked with us a year earlier on a Community T.E.A.M.S. music project Kimberly had organized.  She was our first choice to sing lead on Girl’s Club.  Good decision.  She owned it in the studio.  Such a talent and only ten years old at the time!



as told by composer Bruce McKagan

Scarlett Gilmore

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