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When Kimberly introduced me to her book of poems, ALL THAT DRAMA, she thought that music would be a great addition to get teenage girl’s attention.  We both agreed that the first subject we should cover to compliment her poems with song would be school drama in general.  In order to excite teenagers to listen, the song needed to be contemporary, like something you’d hear on Pop radio, upbeat, positive and lean towards R&B. 


There was no question in my mind I needed to solicit the help of a top-notch producer to get the sound we were looking for.  Producer, engineer, musician, composer, arranger and award winning artist Joe Carter was our man.  A New York native, Joe now lives in Fort Mill, not too far from Kimberly and me.  He’s a dear friend, so the connection was easy.  He loved the concept and jumped right in.


Once Joe was in the mix, I started crafting our title track, ALL THAT DRAMA, as Kimberly helped fine tune the lyrics.  We then needed to find a singer who could bring the composition to life.  We felt the voice should be that of a young women, giving advice to her younger teenage sister.  She needed to be confident, cool and really good.  Over the past decade I’ve worked with over 200 vocalists, so I had plenty of talent to choose from.  Our final selection was an R&B singer who’d been performing and recording around the Charlotte area for several years.  A vocalist who many call the best R&B singer in the region.  Her name is Robyn Springer.  The more you hear her sing the more you’ll realize why we selected Robyn for ALL THAT DRAMA. 


Robyn and Joe knew exactly what to do with the song in the recording studio.  The rest is history!      



as told by composer Bruce McKagan

Robyn Springer

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